Help & FAQs

Are the prices shown on your site applicable to all?

Yes. You can also change the prices in your local currency by using currency converter in the drop down on top right corner.

Can I use travel vouchers, certificates or frequent flyer miles to purchase through

Airlines generally require that tickets purchased using either frequent flier miles or travel vouchers be handled directly at one of their locations. The same is true for vouchers issued by a variety of travel clubs. You will need to contact them directly to purchase your ticket.

Why did the fare change at purchase time?

Sanyog.Travel uses a real-time reservation database, the same used by travel agents worldwide that lists actual ticket prices and availability. As airlines fill flights or change fares, the database immediately reflects those changes. Always be sure to double-check prices when reserving or purchasing tickets, as the fare may have changed since you first searched for fares or created your itinerary.

What if I need to change my flight arrangements?

If you need to change your flight arrangements at any time, please email us or call us. Based on the nature of your request, we let you know about the procedures for the required changes.