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Africa’s largest country lies just a short hop from Europe and, with tourists still a novelty, offers attractions as unpeopled as they are varied. The capital, Algiers, is one of the Maghreb's most urbane and charismatic cities, with a heady, nostalgic mix of colonial and modernist architecture, and a traditional medina at its vertiginous heart. Across the north are stunning coastlines, lush rural hinterland and a number of well-preserved Roman cities.Algeria’s trump card is, though, its extraordinary Saharan region. Whether it’s a glimpse of the sand seas that surround Timimoun, or a plunge headlong into the far south from Tamanrasset, these are the desert landscapes of dream and legend.

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Algeria is indeed a charismatic place to explore whose history of emergence is quite attention-grabbing. Besides, Algeria also forms the superb basis of providing excessive amount of natural gas to Europe and energy exports are its mainstay. It becomes mandatory for tourists to know little bit about the geographical entirety and history of Algeria on our Group tour of Algeria.

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In private tour to the North East region of Algeria is diverse and fascinating to say the least. With its majestic rugged coastline, high plains, breathtaking mountain ranges, picturesque farmlands and sunny beaches, tourist flock to the various cities and towns located here. Algeria has many noteworthy sites and historical attractions scattered across its wonderful landscapes, and in the North East region, visitors will find a new discovery in every destination.

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Algeria has a plenty of landscapes to share with a visitor than simply a glance at Sahara; each of major cities and villages in the country will welcome you with exceptional places worth finding out about.Algeria is equally a land of a striking biodiversity: with a broad range of views and ecological districts, Algeria encompasses abundance of natural heritage. Algeria has a series of indigenous species you can hardly find elsewhere including the Monk Seal, Barbary red deer, Kabylie Nuthatch and Audouin's Gull. We take our guests to all the important sights, with included visits to countries in the region and innovative arrangements, not overlooking the individual needs of every guest in our Guaranteed tour.

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