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Armenia is an ancient country with a very interesting and rich history. The first signs of population in this country are discovered on the hills of Mount Artin and belong to the Paleolithic times. During the Neolithic times, agriculture develops on the territory of modern Armenia, and starting from the Eneolithic times – cattle breeding and metallurgy, barter emerges. In the 9th century B.C., the people of the Armenian plateau unite into a single state, ruled by the king of Urartu super-state. According to the theories of origination of the Armenian nation specifically, proto-Armenians constituted a significant part of Urartu’s population, and after its collapse became the main ethnic element.In Armenia take the occasion to stop and listen attentively to your inner rhythm.

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Armenia is indeed unique. Its ancient churches and castles, high-mountain lakes and rivers, majestic rocks, deep canyons hide thousand of stories mysteries.Nowhere in the world are there such mountains, such ancient history, such beautiful female eyes, such divine cognac and such thin bread. “The most delicious meat is on bones, the best land is on stones” - say Armenians about their country.Discover Armenia in group tour where Group sizes are quite small with an average of 15 travellers and our tour leaders accompany you throughout your tour to Armenia.

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Armenia Private Tours will give you an overall impression of the most significant historical sights of Armenia. Do not miss this opportunity to discover ancient and modern Armenia with unique private tours. If you are the independent-minded sort of traveler who also likes a touch of luxury on the way, our individually designed holidays are for you. Consider combining some short breaks by flying between cities and staying in some of the grandest accommodation or at a small deluxe boutique hotel would be hard to beat.

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Travel to Armenia by availing the Guaranteed Tour packages and have a wonderful travelling experience. The trip to Armenia with the travel back to the roots. It might become a pilgrimage, a chance to touch a relic. Holy places are everywhere there – temples, monasteries, churches – all of them testify on the firmness of Christian faith, and the pride of being the first in the world to adopt Christianity as official religion in 301: you start to appreciate the true meaning of life and nature.

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