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The huge area of China encompasses almost all kinds of landscapes that can be found anywhere in the world. China is home to an exotic and intriguing culture that has thrived for hundreds of centuries. From the huge Gobi deserts to the high Himalayas; from wonderful beaches to crystal clear lakes, everything add to the tourism appeal of this truly unique country. The gigantic country shares border with India in west, Russia in north, South China Sea on south east and East China Sea to the east. China is slowly but surely becoming a leading tourism destination in the world.

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Group Tours

We offer wide choice of tours, transfers and activities in all major cities in China. On our travelers demand we can make any tours in almost every places in China. We are always try to make your journey happy and safe. We are continious trying to develop our tour and travel operator sections only for our travelers and before coming to China you can get all the necessary data through to our sites. Satisfaction of our clients is the most important thing to us.

Private Tours

In our private tour, Your local guide will ask for your suggestions about the food arrangement, with which the host will try to cook what you want to eat when you go to their home. There is no extra charge for whichever you choose. Just enjoy the locally cooked dishes. It is quite a different and exciting experience. We always try to arrange something special for our clients during their stay in China.

Guaranteed Tours

In Guaranteed Tour travelers will find an array of Great Wall and Forbidden City in Beijing .And,There are plenty of amazing tourist attractions in China, from ancient cities to forests to temples to rice fields that look like they’ve been designed by artists to sacred mountains and stunning waterfalls.

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