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Group Tours

We specialize in group tours around Poland. We do so, because we want to adjust exactly to your needs. We create our offer according to your suggestions. On our website you can find very attractive packages which we pre-prepared, but if you think of any changes, it will be our pleasure to create your stay exactly like you want it.

Private Tours

Our Egypt tour packages provide a unique opportunity to travel back through time to find yourself immersed in ancient Egyptian history, where you can enjoy captivating and customized experiential tours of the mythical Egyptian monuments.

Guaranteed Tours

Visit ancient Egypt's most impressive sights with our perfectly crafted guaranteed tour that include airport transfers, accommodation, daily breakfast and a day of guided sightseeing in one neat package. Marvel at the famed Pyramids of Giza and come face-to-face with the bejewelled death mask of King Tutankhamen at the Egyptian Museum.

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