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Ethiopia, almost the only African country to have escaped European colonialism, has retained much of its cultural identity. Its sovereign story has left its wide-ranging and fertile highlands laden with historical treasures ranging from ancient Aksumite tombs and obelisks to 17th-century castles. This country begs outdoor escapades with its larger-than-life, hallucinatory landscapes. Hiking and trekking in Ethiopia’s Simien and Bale Mountains are obvious choices. Then there are those must-do- before-you-die moments, such as exploring the surreal depths of the Danakil Depression or climbing up cliff faces to remote rock-hewn churches in Tigray.

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Top Ethiopia Travel Deals and Upcoming Trips

Trip Name





Historical Route + Simiens & Tigray
12 days


Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

₹ 284522


Excursion of Addis Ababa
10 days

Bahirdar, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

₹ 216410


The Historical Route
6 days

Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

₹ 99207


The Best of Addis Ababa
3 days

Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

₹ 31436

Group Tours

We can also develop customized tour packages according to your budget requirements and days in hand. Our affordable tour packages have been specially designed to deepen your experience of this beautiful country with full of natural diversity and scenic views of various regions. We can arrange special group travel concessions where, normally, if you have a group of 30 people travelling together. We will make sure you have the best possible visit to Ethiopia, whether it is a weekend or weeks.

Private Tours

We are always there for you to provide information, create and develop programs and itineraries, make reservations and bookings and design your trip according to your wishes, in a detailed and careful way. Our carefully chosen guides are the best in their profession, being well experienced and informed about Ethiopia and its neighbors. We provide fluent English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish-speaking guides, who get along easily with their guests, as they have been exposed to foreign countries and cultures themselves.

Guaranteed Tours

Guaranteed departures provide individual travelers the option to join others on a group tour and make necessary arrangements once they choose the departure date. Years of experience and excellent knowledge of destinations are a guarantee of the best-arranged group and individual tours in all our guaranteed departures. Ethiopia is a land of plenty with a long and noble history giving rise to ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity. It is the only African country never to have been colonised. It has more than 80 unique rich ethnic, cultural and linguistic groups.

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