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Group Tours

We can create a custom itinerary to suite the special needs of groups of any size. Our representative will attend to your Incentive Group throughout their stay in French Polynesia and can arrange special excursions and activities such as special theme evenings. Our clients range from a wide variety of well known tour operators, Incentive Houses and cruise lines spanning the globe.

Private Tours

We provide fluent English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish-speaking guides, who get along easily with their guests, as they have been exposed to foreign countries and cultures themselves. We are always there for you to provide information, create and develop programs and itineraries, make reservations and bookings and design your trip according to your wishes, in a detailed and careful way.

Guaranteed Tours

Guaranteed departures provide individual travelers the option to join others on a group tour and make necessary arrangements once they choose the departure date. Years of experience and excellent knowledge of destinations are a guarantee of the best-arranged group and individual tours in all our guaranteed departures. We take our guests to the French Polynesian, with included visits to Bora-Bora,Tahiti in the region and innovative arrangements, not overlooking the individual needs of every guest.

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