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Iceland is a country of extreme contrasts. Widely known as "The Land of Fire and Ice", it is home to both some of the largest glaciers in Europe, and some of the most active volcanoes in the world. Iceland is also the land of light and darkness, where long summer days with near 24-hours of sunlight are offset by short winter days.  Iceland is the youngest landmass in Europe, forged in eruptions 18 million years ago. It is also where the continent's first parliament was formed in 930 AD. Þingvellir, the site of said parliament, is a designated UNESCO world heritage site; as much fort it geological history as for its political history.

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We work with restaurants, hotels, spas and catering services from all over Iceland. We can help you design a wedding, conference, meetings, school trips and other similar events in Iceland. We provide stag friendly 3,4 or 5 star central hotels in Iceland in nightlife area/ party zone. We can also offer transfers and activities for our stag groups. Accommodation will be provided in twin or triple rooms (separate beds).

Private Tours

We can make your holiday memorable with our private tours in Iceland. Whether you are travelling alone, with a family or friends, we can make your holiday in Iceland unique and exciting with our great value one-on-one private tour service. We offer the opportunity for you to create bespoke luxury tours in Iceland so you can enjoy any experience tailor-made to your needs and wants. Basically, whatever you want, we can make it happen!

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Discover Land of Fire and Icein our Guaranteed tours , Iceland is a country of contrasts. To the north is the famed Golden Circle, made up of Gulfoss, 'the Golden Falls', Geysir Hot Spring Area and Thingvellir National Park - a wonderland of geothermal and hydro activity. To the south lies quiet fishing villages, black lava beaches, glaciers and the troublesome volcano Eyjafjallajokull. We take our guests to the visits to Reykjavík in the region and innovative arrangements, not overlooking the individual needs of every guest.

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