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A country shaped by Saharan trade routes, visitors came and went through this land for centuries, leaving behind them a wonderful fusion of Arab and African traditions.Agadez and Zinder sprung up along these now defunct routes and today these cities retain their ancient mercantile charm. Comprised of beautiful adobe dwellings, their labyrinthine streets are home to bustling markets, which sell pottery, leather and other decorative pieces.

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Group Tours

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Private Tours

We provide real, guided, safe, insured, comfortable, and amazing Africa holidays in Niger. Travel to Niger and see animals, tribes, lost kingdoms, and ancient culture. This is real and exhilarating Africa, and its most remote reaches and beautiful alien landscapes. Come see it all safely and affordably with Niger Travel and Tours.

Guaranteed Tours

We specialize in guarantee tours, but we also organize itineraries through country of Niger. Our tours are fully customizable and run by licensed guides, using comfortable vehicles (private cars,  mini-vans of maximum 8 seats and bus) and including hotels to fit your wishes and your budget.

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