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Group Tours

We can handle any group size and can cater to virtually any special interest your group may have. As well as our experience, you can also take advantage of our buying power with the airlines, hotels and ground suppliers. For groups (and families) we recommend a private safari to one or more of the destinations we offer in Senegal. It will probably be your most enjoyable holiday experience ever! We can arrange special group travel concessions where, normally, if you have a group of many people travelling together.

Private Tours

If you’ve got an idea of which style of trip will suit you best, take a look at our different trip themes below, as there’s something to suit everyone. Whether you’re chasing a global gastronomic dream or wanting to ride your bike to Basecamp, Intrepid has a themed adventure that's perfect for you. , our private tours and shore excursions can range from exploring busy inner city life to exploring less-visited areas and intriguing niches off the beaten path that are inaccessible to more commercial tours.

Guaranteed Tours

Make your Senegal tours more pleasurable with guarantee tours. We offer customized Senegal guarantee tours which includes driving you around the numerous tourist spots in our luxurious air-conditioned car or bus.  you can enjoy Senegal activities as per your convenience. The Vip staff of professional tour guides/drivers know how to treat you as a Vip guest and will also show you and inform you about the most amazing sights, landscapes, the history and heritage of Senegal.

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