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Group Tours

We offer activities from all around Uzbekistan from array of different categories such as: sightseeing tours, extreme adventures, luxury activities, spa & massages packages, sea & water activities, sport activities, romantic activities, tracking tours, full courses, and tailor made VIP customized activities. Our emphasis on quality and service has rewarded us with a lot of success and recognition in Uzbekistan.

Private Tours

Our private travel tours are far more personal, limited of fewer than three people with both "off the shelf" and individually designed packages. Your guide and our tour operator are always ready to answer any questions you might have and to assist you 24 hours a day. We can personalize your tour according to your requirements.

Guaranteed Tours

We can arrange holiday to suit individual travel needs and preferences, private coach journeys, hen and stag trips, rail journeys worldwide, singles holidays, wedding arrangements and quality celebratory holidays. We also provide flights ticket, arrange airport car parking, travel visa’s for a variety of countries and car hire. Experienced local guides, finely attuned to your personal expectations and connected to the people and culture, deliver breathtaking moments.

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