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Day 1

Arrive Havana

Arrive at Havana, meet assist and Transfer to the hotel.

Overnight: Havana,Cuba
Day 2


Proceed to full day sightseeing tour of Havana, one of the most beautiful cities of Latin America. Havana captivates everybody, this real Caribbean metropolis has a unique atmosphere, where a time travel tempt us, where the Colonial era, the mark of the ‘50s US mob’s mark and the retro, socialist present is simultaneously existing. We start a panoramic city tour of modern Havana, we cross Havana's famous seaside promenade, the Malecon which is a favorite meeting place for locals, we can admire the mansions of the Paseo, then stop at the Revolution Square where the Jose Marti Memorial is located. On the way back to we drive next to the world-famous Colon cemetery that is one of the world’s richest cemeteries with more than 500 statues, and arrive to the old town. We visit the Havana Club Rum Museum where we get acquainted with the making of the world famous Cuban rum, the growing and processing steps of sugar cane to follow through the process until it has matured, barrel filling, bottling, and we close the visit with a tasting. We can purchase the original Havana Club memorabilia, as well as can taste the typical Cuban drink called Guarapo made from fresh sugar cane and the excellent Cuban cocktail, Guarabana. After it we start to explore the old town on foot with its rich cultural and historical attractions, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988. Visit the Plaza de Armas, the "Arms’ Square", the Governor's palace, while we can hunt local antiques at the authentic antique market, walk through the Plaza San Francisco where we look at the old Stock Exchange Palace and St. Francis of Assis Church and the Cathedral Square. Then we visit La Plaza Vieja, the "Old Square". Our optional lunch will be served in a typical local restaurant. After lunch we join in Hemingway's footsteps: we visit the famous Hotel Ambos Mundos where the "For Whom the Bell Tolls" was born. We visit the hotel room and the thematic exhibition. Then stop at Hemingway's favorite places, La Bodeguita del Medio and La Floridita bars, where the world famous "Mojito" and "Daiquiri" cocktails began their journey of conquest. Then visit the outdoor exhibition of the Revolutionary Museum, where the famous ship Granma is exhibited, we can see the boat, which Fidel and the other revolutionaries landed to launch the revolution. Evening at leisure.

Overnight: Havana,Cuba || Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 3

Havana - Santiago de Cuba - By Flight

Proceed to the Santiago de Cuba. Tour of the second largest city of the country that is often called the music capital of Cuba. Santiago de Cuba is a unique legend, since it was the first capital of the country; many of the locals still regard Santiago de Cuba as today still as the capital city! Here we can find palaces, the oldest and richest museums of the country, and the famous Carnival of Santiago is held here in July each year. Cuba is world-famous for its hospitality, but the people of Santiago outperform even that with their kindness, gentleness, helpfulness that deserves special mention. We visit the Parque Cespedes, the main square, Cuba's oldest square. Here you can visit the impressive cathedral that towers majestically over the square. Then we visit the house of the conquistador of Latin America, Diego Velazquez’s house, considered to be the oldest house of Cuba. Then we head towards the two famous squares: "Dolores" and "Marte". Next attraction is the UNESCO world heritage site, the Castillo El Morro fortress that played an important role in the War of Independence, under its walls was decided the fate of Cuban independence, during the battle of the Spanish-American war ships. A Military History Museum is located in the fort showing memories of fight against the pirates and relics of the Revolutionary War. Optional lunch at the Morro fortress, with amazing views of the Caribbean Sea. After lunch, visit the Santa Ifigenia cemetery where the famous Cuban poet and national hero José Martí has its tomb. We will see the famous change of the guards that is made with of specially selected soldiers’ line-up. In the afternoon return to the hotel. Evening at leisure. It is worth visiting the Casa de la Trova where local musicians and dancers show their skills and even we can join them dancing and develop our dance skills perfected by great local artists. 

Overnight: Santiago de Cuba,Cuba || Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 4

Santiago de Cuba - Baracoa - By Road ( 258 kms / 3 hrs / 32 mins appx.)

Proceed to Baracoa, the country’s first settlement’s capital founded by Diego Velazquez. First we stop at Guantanamo city for a panoramic city tour. Optional lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon continue to Baracoa, this historical town is a jewel between the Atlantic and Caribbean. Accessible by sea only until the late 1960’s, this town‘s history is rich in aboriginal life, and successive waves of boom and bust economics. The surrounding mountains are clothed in forests with many plants seen only in its micro-ecosystems. Baracoa has an easy, small-town charm, complete with crumbling cathedral and revolutionary murals celebrating 50 years of Castro's rule. Walk down the sea promenade and see the authentic Cuban life, taste fresh food and locally made chocolate. Evening for leisure.

Overnight: Baracoa,Cuba || Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 5

Baracoa - Santiago de Cuba - By Road ( 258 kms / 3 hrs / 32 mins appx.)

Proceed to see the Cocoa tour. First, stop at Finca Duaba, where a river, Rio Duaba, meanders. We visit a cocoa plantation and discover the traditional process of making chocolate. Try the delicious “Chorote” (chocolate with cocoa, prepared by the local farmers). On the hike discover the different forms of vegetation and the magnificent landscape. Get to know the country life on the plantations and if you have always wanted to know how tropical fruit really tastes, try the fruit offered by the farmers. After optional lunch, continue to Santiago de Cuba. Evening for leisure

Overnight: Santiago de Cuba,Cuba || Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 6

Santiago de Cuba - Holguin - By Road ( 125 kms / 1 hrs / 44 mins appx.)

Proceed to go on a pilgrimage and visit El Cobre where the famous La Caridad del Cobre can be found. El Cobre is a special, sacred place blessed with supernatural powers. All Cubans go on pilgrimage at least once during their life to El Cobre, where a statue of Mary, Cuba’s patron Saint is located. The place is connected with many spontaneous healings and miracle stories. We will know the story of the statue that was a miraculous event, also. This is the most valuable and the most interesting stop of our round trip. After optional lunch, continue to the Finca Birán, where the revolution’s leaders were born, this is the birthplace of Fidel and Raul Castro. Although the two-story house isn’t open to visitors, you will get a special pass to enter the premises. Castro’s father leased land here from United Fruit Company and raised sugarcane. The property eventually encompassed 26,000 acres and includes a cattle farm, a repair shop, a store and other facilities. Afternoon we continue to Holguin. Evening for leisure.

Overnight: Holguin,Cuba || Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 7

Holguin - Camaguey - By Road ( 289 kms / 4 hrs / 3 mins appx.)

Proceed to the city tour of Holguin, the city of parks, a unique city in Cuba. Aside from a few tour buses that pop in for an hour here and there, the city is crowded with locals. You may find yourself sitting side by side with locals when you sit down for a bowl of “helado” (ice cream) with all the toppings. The Parque Calixto Garcia is the square in the center of town. Make your way through the other three major squares downtown for a good overview of what makes this city tick. You’ll see women getting their nails done inside a big store where items are priced in local pesos (CUP) and not in the convertible pesos (CUC) reserved for travelers. Later visit La Loma de la Cruz: Climb up the 465 steps to reach the 275-metre-high peak of this historic hill. Or take the winding road around back that delivers you to the top where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the city of Holguin. In 1790, a cross was put up in hopes that it would relieve a severe drought. Today, every May 3, there’s a pilgrimage to the top for a special Mass. We enjoy our optional lunch here in an authentic local restaurant. After lunch departure to Camaguey. Arrival in the late afternoon, Check in. Evening at leisure.

Overnight: Camaguey,Cuba || Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 8

Camaguey - Sancti Spiritus - By Road ( 200 kms / 3 hrs / 6 mins appx.)

Proceed to the sightseeing in Camaguey, the country's fourth-largest city reminding us to the colonial times. The specialties of the city are its winding streets that were built to protect against pirates attacking the city frequently. Almost impossible to navigate alone, except for the pirates, who of course easily solve it and robbed the entire city! Winding through the city's streets, we visit the Cathedral and the monuments of city's famous son, the military leader of the Revolutionary War, Ignacio Agramonte and Cuba’s national poet, Nicolas Guillen. Walk to the San Juan de Dios Square, where the buildings were preserved almost in its original state, for the colonial era movies this place is a live venue. We continue to Sancti Spiritus, towards the south of the country. Our journey passes through the country's main agricultural areas which are packed with pineapple, citrus and sugar cane plantations. This part of the country, therefore, Ciego de Avila province is also known as the pantry of the country. Optional lunch on the way. Then in the afternoon arrival to the Sancti Spiritus, founded in 1514, a small colonial town that is famous for its almost originally preserved colonial downtown. Panoramic sightseeing: here is located Cuba’s oldest stone bridge, the bridge Yayabo that is within walking distance from our hotel. Check in. Evening for leisure. Not to be missed the nightlife venues of the small colonial city! The famous Casa de la Trova, where we can enjoy a real, authentic salsa party and dance together with the locals and can observe how the locals dance Cuban salsa and enjoy the local Cuban band playing Caribbean tunes.

Overnight: Sancti Spiritus,Cuba || Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 9

Sancti Spiritus - Trinidad - By Road ( 80 kms / 1 hrs / 18 mins appx.)

Proceed to the to the famous valley of sugar mills that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Manaca Iznaga estate. It is possible to climb the seven stories tower that offers a beautiful panorama. Then continue our trip to Trinidad, a small colonial town founded more than 500 years ago that was once attributed by the abundance of its sugar cane plantations. Here, we discover another face of Cuba. Our journey is made not only on ground but in time, too. Trinidad preserves the uniqueness atmosphere of the colonial era. While walking along the small winding streets we have the feeling as if we would have flown back in time. Sightseeing in the UNESCO World Heritage city; visit the Plaza Mayor, The Tower of Contrabandido, the Cathedral, La Santissima Trinidad Square and the exhibition of the Romantic Museum. The museum is located in the palace of the town's richest family with balustrade yard, marble floors, and neoclassical decoration; walking among the frescoes of the city's wealthiest merchant family we can enjoy the assembled exhibition of articles. We have our optional lunch in a Cuban “Paladar”. After lunch we walk in the old town and stop at the famous Canchanchara bar where you can sample the authentic drink of Trinidad, special cocktail still made from the original recipe of Aguardiente and honey, called Canchanchara.

Overnight: Trinidad,Cuba || Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 10

Trinidad - Havana - By Road ( 315 kms / 3 hrs / 56 mins appx.)

Proceed to the Cienfuegos. Panoramic sightseeing tour of the famous Malecon, admire the beautiful seaside villas, stop at the Palacio del Valle, a unique palace with architectural richness. Then we head towards downtown Cienfuegos, where we continue a walking tour of the city of former aristocrats. Cienfuegos, founded by French settlers, has European-style architecture. Walk down the Boulevard of the city via the Prado, we visit the Jose Marti Square, the Governor's palace, the Thomas Terry Theater famous for the excellent acoustics of the theater, and the Cathedral. Departure to one of Cuba's most important nature reserves, the world famous Zapata Peninsula, a bird and animal sanctuary which is located in the Montemar National Park. Arrive to Guama, the main attraction of the National Park. Speedboat tour of the natural lagoon, the Laguna de Tresoro, where the unspoiled nature can be observed, migrating and endemic birds and can be seen. Then visit the Aldea Taino, the reconstructed Taino Aboriginal Village where we learn about the customs of the ancient indigenous inhabitants. We arrive back to port by motor boat and visit the country’s largest crocodile breeding farm, where we can observe hundreds of these reptiles in their natural habitat. We visit the crocodile nursery; here the braves may hold the yet harmless infants in their hands. Optional lunch in a local restaurant, then we continue our trip to Havana. Arrival late afternoon. Check in. Evening for leisure. 

Overnight: Havana,Cuba || Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 11


Proceed to the full day excursion to the western part of the country, the province of Pinar del Rio, 170 km from Havana, the picturesque Viñales Valley, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. Pinar del Rio province is also called the country's "green" side. Our way leads along the lush tobacco plantations. This excellent climate is the secret to the excellent Cuban tobacco, the raw material of the famous Cuban cigars. Today we will learn about the making of cigars, the tobacco production and processing through to wrapping cigars. We turn into the house of an authentic Cuban tobacco producer family, who lead us through the plantation, a tobacco drying barn and we can look at the process of tobacco step by step. We learn how we can recognize high-quality tobacco leafs; learn the art of wrapping cigars as one of the famous Cuban cigars is made before our eyes.  Next stop on our way is the exquisite valley of Viñales, stopping at a lookout point where we can enjoy the breathtaking panorama with the remote scenery of "Mogotes" and mountains make this place deservedly a World Heritage site. Then optional lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch we start hiking the Indian cave, and river boating inside the cave. Closing the program we visit the famous wall painting, the "Mural de la Prehistoria" that fascinates us with its unique technology of gigantic size. Late afternoon return to Havana. Evening at leisure.

Overnight: Havana,Cuba || Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Day 12

Depart Havana

Departure transfer to onward destination.

Overnight: None

Tour Ends

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Melia Santiago de Cuba - Santiago De Cuba,Cuba

Nights: 2
Room Category: Standard Room
Our Category: 4*    |   Regional Category: 4*

The Hotel Melia Santiago de Cuba combines elegance and comfort so you can enjoy a wonderful stay on our island. Enjoy breathtaking views of the city and bespoke service on our The Level floor.

Melia San Carlos - Baracoa,Cuba

Nights: 1
Room Category: Standard Room
Our Category: 4*    |   Regional Category: 4*

An architectural gem with breathtaking views over the city and the bay, the superior comfort and service of Meliá and a stunning Roof Garden.

Brisas del Caribe Hotel - Holguin,Cuba

Nights: 1
Room Category: Standard Room
Our Category: 4*    |   Regional Category: 4*

Boasting a bar, Brisas del Caribe is located in Varadero. The property has a restaurant.
All units in the hotel are equipped with a TV.

Leidys and friends Rooms - Camaguey,Cuba

Nights: 1
Room Category: Standard Room
Our Category: 4*    |   Regional Category: 3*

Leidys and friends Rooms provides rooms in Camagüey. All rooms boast a kitchenette and a private bathroom. The property offers a 24-hour front desk.
A continental breakfast is served every morning at the property.

Casa Nilda Ponce - Sancti Spiritus,Cuba

Nights: 1
Room Category: Standard Room
Our Category: 4*    |   Regional Category: 4*

Iberostar Grand Hotel - Trinidad,Cuba

Nights: 1
Room Category: Standard Room
Our Category: 4*    |   Regional Category: 4*

An 8-minute walk from the town center's Plaza Mayor, this elegant, Colonial-style hotel is also a 9-minute walk from the 19th-century Palacio Brunet and 12 km from Ancon Beach.

Featuring tile floors and chic furnishings, the refined rooms and suites offer flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi (fee). Some also come with balconies. Room service is available.

Trip Highlights

  • Club Rum Museum, Plaza de Armas and St. Francis of Assis Church.
  • Picturesque Vinales Valley, Mural de la Prehistoria and Che Guevara Mausoleum.
  • Casa de la Trova, Plaza Mayor and La Santissima Trinidad Square.
  • Palacio del Valle, Jose Marti Square and the Governor's palace.


  • Accommodation as per the program.
  • Entrance fees.
  • Local English speaking guide.
  • All transfers, sightseeing, excursions.
  • All taxes.

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  • Personal Expenses.
  • Domestic Air Ticket.
  • Camera / Video Camera Fees.
  • Medical Aid.
  • Tips.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Visa (If any).

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  • If quoted accommodation is not available, we will provide one of a similar category and standard.
  • One must adopt and accept the local culture and should not hurt any kind of sentiments including cultural and religious.
  • Clients must check the validity of passport and all other travel documents carefully prior to departure to avoid any last minute hassle.
  • Small deviations in the tour program are sometimes necessary, depending on weather, road conditions, flight schedules and room availability.
  • In case the government changes presently applicable taxes, increase in airlines prices, fuel surcharge our rates will need to be adjusted accordingly.
  • There is no relevance between the distance and time of travelling, as it depends upon the condition of the roads and congestion of the traffic. 
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  • Do respect local culture, customs and traditions. 
  • Do use cash substitutes such as traveler's checks or credit cards, and only carry as much money as you immediately need.
  • Do lock up valuables you are not taking with you in a safe in your room or use your hotel’s safe-deposit box services to store them; and lock the windows and doors your hotel room when going out.
  • Do make a note of your credit-card numbers and the phone number to call in case you need to report it stolen and cancel it.
  • Do dress appropriately for your surroundings as much as you can; looking more like a local makes you less of a mark than looking like an obvious tourist.
  • Do put a band around your luggage as a safeguard against pilferage while in transit; suitcase locks are no barriers to a professional thief.
  • Do travel with companions while sightseeing or shopping; there is safety in numbers.
  • Do keep vehicle doors locked and windows rolled up when driving.
  • Do be alert for staged distractions, such as someone bumping into you, spilling a drink on you, dropping something in front of you or causing a loud commotion; an accomplice can steal your valuables and walk away while you are momentarily distracted.
  • Photocopy Your Passport - Carrying around a copy of your passport (the page with your photo and other important information) is a must when traveling abroad, just in case your passport is damaged or lost.
  • Try New Foods - Don't be one of those travelers who is scared to eat new things. Try something new!
  • Do Check Out The Culture - Your interests may not lie in seeing art works and performances I'm languages you can't understand, but experiencing culture in a foreign land is incredibly eye opening and a fun experience.
  • Do Pack Layers - Weather can change quickly when you're exploring new lands, and finding properly fitting clothing when in foreign countries may he harder than you expect.
  • Don't carry and flash large sums of cash, nor exchange money at dubious-looking places or with individuals on the street.  
  • Don’t look like a tourist by dressing like one, appearing lost or consulting a map in public.
  • Don’t walk with a bag slung loosely over one shoulder, and keep your bag on the opposite side of you from the road to forestall a thief on a bike from snatching it.
  • Don’t carry a backpack that looks like luggage.
  • Don't visit dangerous locations, or walk in unfamiliar, isolated or dimly lit areas, especially at night.
  • Don't leave valuable items in public view; that includes your passport as much as your iPhone.
  • Don't drive an obvious rental car, the more nondescript the better; keep maps and travel brochures out of sight in the glove compartment.
  • Don't park anywhere but a well lit place, don't leave valuables in sight (lock them in the trunk), and don’t pick-up hitchhikers.
  • Don’t keep your vehicle and house or hotel keys on the same key ring.
  • Don’t store cash, jewelry, medicine or other valuables in your luggage, and never leave your luggage unattended, even for a brief moment.
  • Don't Do Drugs - Don't bring them with you, don't accept them from friends or family or strangers, don't even talk about them. Many foreign countries are extremely strict when it comes to drugs and you could find yourself in big big trouble.
  • Don't Spend Too Much Time In Your Room - You may be jet lagged, you may be homesick, but sitting around won't help any of it. Get out there and have fun!
  • Don't Talk Politics - Not every country is a free country, and not every society is tolerant of free speech. Have fun but keep politics out of your discussions while on vacation.
  • Don't Let Your Phone Roam - Nothing is worse than returning home to see a cell phone bill that is astronomical. Be sure to either contact your provider for an overseas plan or only use it via WiFi.
Tour Details
Starts Havana, Cuba
Ends Havana, Cuba
Local Payment No
Tour Guide Yes
Meals Breakfast-10
Seasons & Time
Best Time 1st Apr - 31st Oct
Low Season 1st Nov - 30th Nov
High Season 1st Apr - 31st Oct
Rainy Season 1st Nov - 30th Nov
Winter Season 1st Mar - 31st May
Summer Season 1st Jul - 31st Aug
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