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Life @

An eclectic mix of cultural and social vibrancy in our work environment is evident as self-motivated set of engaged employees walk into work everyday.

Sanyog harbours a no-cubicle culture. There’s customer needs and customer delights. We believe in challenging the status quo and cutting across hierarchy to make things simpler. After all, customer gratification is our satisfaction.

A vibrant work environment

From Hackathons to charity drives, Sanyog has colour and soul. You could be cracking codes one day, and running a good-cause marathon on another. Or brain-storming business ideas one morning and playing soccer that evening. Quizzing, gyming, working, ideating…it’s all a day’s play when you’re living the Sanyog Life.

Happening moments

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and we cannot let that happen. Your idea of fun can be anything funky, we’ve got it covered. Maybe you like sports or partying. Debates & quizzes or movies & theatre. Any fair or festival. From skits to soccer and trivia to trekking, we’ve got whatever rocks your boat. The stage’s set, the podium’s raised. All of it starring, You!

We believe
  • That the long term goal of any business is to create the happiest customers while generating the best returns for shareholders
  • That simplicity is always better than complexity
  • That fast is always better than slow
  • That surpassing expectations is the only way to deliver delight
  • That it’s never okay to be, just, “okay”
  • That thinking big and delivering highly scaled businesses is critical to our future
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