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Bahrain is a collection of 33 islands located off the coast of Saudi Arabia.The 25km King Fahd Causeway provides a direct road link between the two countries.Local people in the Gulf are traditionally welcoming to visitors and outsiders. Coffee is a very important part of any visit, poured from a highly decorated pot into a small cup. Manners are formal and polite, with people indulging in small talk before other conversations begin.Sports enjoy great popularity. Some families still practise the traditional sports of falconry, horse racing and camel racing. Boating activities are popular, as are modern sports such as basketball and football.

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Beautiful Bahrain
4 days

Bahrain,Middle East

Bahrain,Middle East

₹ 93200

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Explore the small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf in our Guarnteed tous. It is also the ancient land of the Dilmun civilization. We‘ll put together an exciting program to meet your interests and expectations.

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