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Colombia offers an off-the-radar treasure trove of cinematic cobblestoned towns and villages that often feel bogged down in a different century, content to carry on as they have since the departure of the Spanish without a care in the world. Unweathered  Barichara and happily sleepy Mompox feel like movie sets, impossibly unspoiled by modern progress; while whitewashed Villa de Leyva appears stuck in 16th-century quicksand – and these are just the villages that people do visit.

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Best of Colombia
14 days



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Treasure of Cartagena - Bogota
8 days



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Group Tours

We provide group  guided tours in a van with capacity for 1-32 passengers. For your group sightseeing tour.  We will be the driver and tour guide and I will show you all the sights in a friendly manner. If you prefer that we  do not drive and be just be your guide. Unfortunately at moment we cannot provide joined tours, but if you can form a small group we will be happy to help you.

Private Tours

We can also arrange for you to travel through countries by boat, horse, or private jet, and can have you sleeping in a room on the top floor of Dubai’s most luxurious hotel or in Mongolia’s most remote ger. We have more knowledge, relationships, and expertise than anyone in the industry, and we use it create one-of-a-kind journeys and experiences that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Guaranteed Tours

Colombia has something that will please most travelers, from sandy beaches of the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, to the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rainforests. We‘ll put together an exciting program to meet your interests and expectations in our guaranteed tour.

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