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Liberia might argue otherwise. Africa’s oldest republic has barely been out of the headlines in recent decades, but for all the wrong reasons; reports from the country have been dominated by two civil wars and an outbreak of Ebola. Liberia’s tropical climate, with a long dry season from September to June and rains peaking in August, still decide everything from transport to working schedules. During the monsoon roads become rivers and, at times, the country feels very much at the mercy of nature. Founded by freed American and Caribbean slaves, Africa’s oldest republic is home to a staggering diversity of cultures; its four million odd inhabitants are comprised of more than 16 established peoples, and there’s a burgeoning Asian and Middle Eastern population, too.

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We offer an integral and personalized service for individuals, groups, and meetings & incentive travelers that includes hotel reservations, transportation, tours, private services and organization of events. We can work with all types of specialized groups such as Birdwatchers and Butterfly Lovers, Gardening groups, Students, Senior Citizens, Educational Programs for Adults, Community Engagement, Alumni Associations, and groups traveling for leisure! Visitors will have the opportunity to learn, from professional tour guides, about the history, geography, nature, and culture of our nation, as well as about many other aspects of life in Liberia.

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The friendly Anywhere Liberia Travel Team wants to help you organize a fantastic Liberia vacation. We are an understanding and honest staff who cares about your vacation experience. At any point during your travel planning you can chat with us on our website, send an email, or give us a call. We would be happy to assist you. If you have any questions about vacation planning, or if you would like some friendly travel advice, we are here to help.

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In our Guaranteed tour in Liberia you enjoy picturesque landscapes, friendly and hospitable people and some of the last remaining rainforests in West Africa. We‘ll put together an exciting program to meet your interests and expectations.

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