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Macedonia is truly an amazing country for adventure sports. The mountaneous region in Skopje and Mavrovo, the beautiful view upon Ohrid Lake and the rocky region in Prilep will for sure take your breath away. Macedonia has several profesional paragliding clubs where you can get full equipment and professional guides for this sport. Dont miss the chance to fly over Macedonia, with or without experience, we can take you to your paragldiing ride for ultimate enjoyment. Paragliding as a recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders is widespread all over the country.

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Our Albania tours for individuals and groups are designed to provide an authentic entryway into Albanian history, culture, nature, daily life and people. This is done with the greatest love and passion for our country, an upbeat feeling that we like to transmit to our clients through interesting itineraries, fascinating venues and passionately capable guides. Our itineraries and tour lengths are flexible, making it easier for you to customize your Albanian tour based on your own interests and time.

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You will benefit from our expertise and local knowledge in building a private tours itinerary that visits not just the obvious places but also the little-known secrets that so often turn out to be highlights. Our specialists will plan your trip with you, sharing their expert local knowledge and recommendations on what to see, where to stay and how to get around.

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Macedonia is a veritable treasury of cultural heritage. Macedonia treasures a large number of cultural and historical monuments: churches, monasteries, icons, archaeological sites, mosques, old books, and other artefacts. The first Slavic alphabet and literature also have their roots here. In our Guaranteed departures we will put all our knowledge and expertise to make your trip to the Macedonia memorable and exclusive.

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