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Welcome to the Maldives, where sands are white as the smiles of the locals, where fish swim happily in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where the weather is a dream, and the deep rays of the sun wait to engulf you their arms. In ancient times, the shores of the Maldives welcomed lost travellers. Still welcoming, these shores remain, providing a tranquil haven for visitors. The customs and social behavior of the Maldivians have been greatly influenced by the Indians, Sri Lankans, Arabs and North Africans who visited the Maldives while traversing through the trading routes of the central Indian Ocean. The Maldivian culture is rich and vibrant due to the infusion of various other cultural elements. Though the ancient history of the enthralling Maldives is enshrouded in mystery.

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Group Tours

We can customize any kind of itinerary according to your needs providing also for accommodations and other services. If itinerary planning in Maldives is what you seek, we offer support for independent individuals, couples or small  or large groups of travelers who wish to explore on their own; Maldives villa rentals, private guides in any city required, restaurant recommendations and reservations, museum vouchers, rail tickets in Maldives, car rentals and step-by-step itineraries – all of the assistance you require. We are best known for making daily departures to great and awesome destinations.

Private Tours

Private tour packages are travel plans, which include  transportation, accommodation, meals, guided tours and more. They can be of great value to both, independent and private tours travelers. Tour packages range from individual travel plans, which include plane or train ticket and hotel reservation and leave everything else to the traveler, to fully guided tours which cover everything from airfare to English speaking guides and meals. Furthermore, there is a range of special interest tours, such as anime, hot spring, hiking or theme park tours.

Guaranteed Tours

Discover the extraordinary natural beauty of this island nation is what brings you here again and again, but it is the range of activities that you can do that will keep you here for long periods in our guaranteed departures . Almost all the tourists to Maldives indulge in watersports like snorkeling, scuba diving, or swimming. We will put all our knowledge and expertise to make your trip to the Maldives memorable and exclusive. We‘ll put together an exciting program to meet your interests and expectations.

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