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Mongolia's survival as an independent nation is little short of miraculous. For the first time in centuries the Mongolians, once rulers of the vast Eurasian steppe, are no longer colonial subjects of the Russian and Chinese empires. Only a century ago, so few Mongolians were left that it seemed their ancient, nomadic civilization might disappear altogether. Now the country has a democratic constitution, multiparty elections. Mongolia's paintings, music and literature are dominated by Tibetan Buddhism and nomadism. Tsam dances are performed to exorcise evil spirits and are influenced by nomadism and Shamanism. Outlawed during communism, they're beginning to be performed again. Traditional music involves a wide range of instruments and singing styles. In Mongolian khoomi singing, carefully trained male voices produce harmonic overtones from deep in the throat, releasing several notes at once.

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Our group Tours are built with your specifications, interests and requirements in mind. On one of our group Tours, you can move at your own pace, select your own excursions and stay in the comforts that you are accustomed to. Our team of Mongolia Travel Experts are here to build the perfect Mongolia itinerary for you. Whether your traveling as a single, couple, small or large tour party…. Whether you have days or a full month in Mongolia. whether your interests are politics, history, culture, music & dance, R&R or adventure – our Tours can be tailored specifically to provide a unique and memorable Mongolia tour experience.

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A collection of varied and inspiring private Mongolia tours for you to adapt according to your own dates and tour size. Whether you are looking for an Ulaanbaatar city tour, a short break in the country or an extended overland adventure we have a range of Mongolian trips to suit you, whatever your requirements. Should you travel to Mongolia even for vacation, business or special projects without a tour guide/ interpreter/ translator? It is better to have one along. We can arrange skilled tour guide or professional-level translator/interpreter to accompany you on designated visits.

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