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Panama is world-famous for its 48 mile canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. Each year, over a million people visit the canal and are able to witness this engineering marvel at work. Panama is very proud to have this magnificent creation operating 365 days a year, enabling the world's cargo to be shipped efficiently and safely to new destinations. Three million years ago, the Isthmus of Panama emerged from the sea and changed the world forever. It divided an ocean and joined two continents together, triggering one of the most important natural evolution events in the history of the world. Today, this narrow land bridge in Central America is home to more species of birds and trees than the whole of North America.

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Panama Nature and Beach
5 days

Panama City,Panama

Panama City,Panama

₹ 196820


The Best of Panama Nature and Beach
11 days

Panama City,Panama

Panama City,Panama

₹ 279939

Group Tours

We offer unique private group tours and group transfer tours highlighting extraordinarily rich art and culture scene with your own English speaking guide. We will help tailor your Group Tours to meet your group’s cultural interests, from a classic monument tour to a customized transfer group tour with coach and driver. We offer special attention for each individual and our guides spend most of the time finding birds in Panama; however the pace is modified according to special needs.

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Our private tours are a hassle-free way to discover the best that a country has to offer in the company of a guide and fellow travelers. We offer private  tours to cultural and scenic sites, as well as art tours focusing more on the history of this fascinating trading nation. We also operate tours or transfers in chartered helicopters, and exclusive tours on request. In Panama we offer full packages only, we do not operate just day tours or just transportation.

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Our guaranteed transfers are non-stop and take you directly from the terminal to your destination. Our main goal together with safety, fireproof travel logistics and 24/7 travel assistance service is to make your trip around these beautiful countries the adventure you wish you have. Our insider knowledge and destination expertise make these innovative journeys truly unique experiences. We understand that some travelers would prefer to see the world with their partner, a few close friends, or on their own. We offer wide choice of guarantee tours, transfers and activities in all major cities in Panama.

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