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Poland's range of accommodation is extremely varied. There are over half a million places waiting for tourists, both typical and, sometimes, extremely original. Poland is also famous for its bogs and marshes, including the Biebrza Valley with the largest complex of low-lying peat bogs and the marshy valley of the Narew, Europe’s only anastomotic river, which seen from above resembles a loosely plaited braid. There is only one other river like this in the world: the Okawango river in Africa. The Biebrza Marshes provide a haven for birds which is renowned worldwide. It is home to 271 species, including the endangered aquatic warbler and the ruff, the emblem of the Biebrza National Park.

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Group Tours

We specialize in group tours around Poland. We do so, because we want to adjust exactly to your needs. We create our offer according to your suggestions. On our website you can find very attractive packages which we pre-prepared, but if you think of any changes, it will be our pleasure to create your stay exactly like you want it. We just need to know what you really want to see, where you want to go and how much time you want to spend in Poland.

Private Tours

if you want to see several cities in one go and take in culture, food, entertainment, and the natural environment, Poland tours often include major cities, such as Krakow and Warsaw, as well as Polish World Heritage Sites such as the Black Madonna at Jasna Gora Monastery. If you’ve ever wanted to see Poland, but you’ve hesitated booking a trip there because you don’t want to deal with the logistics of touring on your own, consider an escorted tour from an expert guide that will offer you a stress-free experience.

Guaranteed Tours

Whether you want to visit Poland’s captivating capital Warsaw; explore cultural Krakow and sombering Auschwitz or head to the beautiful High Tatras Mountains shared with neightbouring Slovakia – our Eastern Europe Guaranteed tours have it all. A great introduction to Poland – one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful countries. We‘ll put together an exciting program to meet your interests and expectations.

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