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Authentic cultures, an enchanting nature and unique people from many different origins. That is what every traveler who visits Suriname will experience with absolute certainty. The diversity of people from various parts of the world who retained most of their original customs and habits, mark Suriname with a cultural blend that is one of its own kind in the entire world. Suriname is known for its pristine rainforest, exotic plants and animals, wild rapids, large rivers and stunning mountainous areas in the southern part of the country. Dark creeks run through the savannas where white sandy grounds contrast intensely with green trees while palms and huge forest giants in different sorts and colors decorate the magical panorama of the jungle.

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Group Tours

we provide the best services of tours and excursions for a day or more in Suriname with the minimum and effective time space you have available. We can provide all of their transportation requirements in a luxury car. From the airport or to the office, we can help you create that professional impression. We provide airport service, local formalities, reservation of domestic and international flights and hotel reservations. And We offer so many wonderful places and experiences, there is something for everybody.

Private Tours

Quality service, safety for our guests, our nature-based accommodation and beautiful natural surroundings add to an Unforgettable "private Tour"!! We specialize in offering small or large tours and operate every adventure, cultural and ecological tour available; from special interest trips. Our guests will experience the finest that Suriname has to offer and we look forward to share this wonderful experience with you! You can expect privacy and our friendly personnel will be at your service whenever needed!

Guaranteed Tours

We can personalize your tour according to your requirements. Whether your preferences are mountains, wades, coast, history or trekking, let us suggest a tour for your holidays in Suriname. Together we can design a guarantee tour for you to enjoy. Our main concern is for you to spend a memorable holiday in Suriname. Our guarantee tours are conducted only by experienced Suriname guides because we believe that only Suriname guides can bring you to experience the local hospitality, traditional values and way of life.

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