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In Turkmenistan one can also see sandy deserts with barchans when traveling far inland. Turkmenistan is the country of deserts and oases as well as unique historical and cultural traditions. The most ancient civilizations of the world prospered on its territory. Turkmenistan is definitely the country of contrasts, especially today, when the cities of the republic have completely changed and become more similar to European mega cities. But despite all the changes their Oriental character has been preserved in special architecture, decoration of buildings, numerous mosques and ancient monuments.

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Group Tours

Our group tours are a hassle-free way to discover the best that a country has to offer in the company of a guide and fellow travelers. We offer group  tours to cultural and scenic sites, as well as art tours focusing more on the history of this fascinating trading nation. You can opt for our fixed service package on one of our fixed departure tours, or compose a tailor-made program with the support of our team, that fits your particular interests.

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We can organise a special departure of one of our pre-existing adventures, an Intrepid-style itinerary to one of our destinations around the world. Special interests or requirements. No problem. We can customize the itinerary and activities just for you by giving your trip an educational, physical or even historical focus.

Guaranteed Tours

A comprehensive guarantee trip through Central Asia's least known country. Starting from the futuristic capital Ashgabat, travel through remote deserts visiting ancient ruins, camp overnight near a flaming gas crater, and stay as guests of local communities. We explore the magnificent scenery of Yangikala, spend a night on the shores of the Caspian Sea, and of course visit the archaeological site of Merv. A true journey of discovery and diversity through a hidden land.

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